Review: Game Night

Director: John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein
Writers: Mark Perez
Starring: Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman


Well it was certainly funnier than Father Figures

Credit where credit’s due Game Night tried to go for something a little different. It succeeded in making you question what was and wasn’t real throughout the entire film, and as someone who prides myself on being able to figure out a lot of plots before they unfold, was something I really enjoyed (I nailed down some of this plot but not all of it).

With that being said, the film does nothing exceedingly well. Whilst most of the characters are funny enough,  you will never feel overly attached to any of them and I’m pretty impressed that a mere 12 hours after seeing the film the only character names I can remember off hand are those of Gary (Played by Jesse Plemons) and Brooks (Played by Kyle Chandler). Neither of whom have massive roles in the film and are certainly not to be considered the main characters.

The acting is fine all around, nothing particularly outstanding, but let’s face it this film wasn’t made with Oscar contention in mind. Jason Bateman (Max) puts in the most Bateman-y performance you could conceive, and it’s pretty obvious now that he’s gone way past the point of being type-cast. The standouts from the group of friends however were Billy Magnussen (Ryan), Rachel McAdams (Annie) and the aforementioned Jesse Plemons. All of whom came across very well on screen, with Magnussen and Plemons delivering some of the better comedic work in the film.

The plot does descend into outlandish action/adventure towards the end which didn’t fit the tone of the film at all, and in a way severely distracted from what appeared to be a brilliant final sequence that revealed all to the audience. If the film had stuck to its guns and erased the ending action with a villain who appears in literally the penultimate scene of the movie, then it would have likely scored higher with me.

Not every joke is going to land, and that was certainly the case in my screening, but there are some nuggets in there. For the first time in years I actually went into this film without having seen a single trailer and without knowing the general plot. So I’m not sure how many of the film’s better jokes were given away in promotional material, but it’s probably best to avoid such material if you can.

Overall the movie is worth seeing, if only for the fact that it beats out Father Figures and is worth your money if only to pass away the time before the big summer blockbusters hit our cinema screens.

Final Score: 6/10 Porgs



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