Justice League becomes DC’s biggest flop

Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. Not even the combined might of the Justice League could save DC from hitting a wall.


Justice League has officially wrapped its domestic run in cinemas, limping to the finish-line with a comparatively meager $229m in the domestic market and $428.9m overseas. For a film that had a budget of roughly $300m, and in an era where the  first Marvel crossover, The Avengers reached $1.518bn worldwide the box office for Justice League has to be considered a massive flop.

Not only did Justice League fail to live up to its Marvel counterpart, it also came in as the lowest grossing entry of the DC Extended Universe to date. Falling just short of previous lowest grossing entry Man of Steel ($668m worldwide) and well below the series high of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873.6m worldwide).

The production and release of Justice League was mired with controversy and that seems to have had a horrible effect on the box office figures. Averaging very poorly among critic reviews and receiving very mixed reviews from fans, the reviews seem to have had a widespread impact on the film.

Hopefully the DC Extended Universe can turn itself around as competition for Marvel is only ever going to be a good thing and these characters in particular deserve better than they’re currently being offered.


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