Top 10 The Hobbit Trilogy Moments with @LifeAtBagEnd

A few weeks ago myself and @LifeAtBagEnd put together a list of our top ten favourite moments from The Lords of the Rings trilogy, well we’re back and this time looking at the smaller tale from Middle Earth

I’ll admit that overall I’m not a massive fan of The Hobbit trilogy. I really enjoy the first film, but I think that the second and third films really suffer from studio interference and that had Peter Jackson been left to his own devices and been allowed to maintain the 2 film structure he wanted originally, that we would have seen a much better product. With that being said, I do think there are plenty of really strong moments throughout the trilogy, and with @LifeAtBagEnd loving the trilogy it was a no brainier that we wanted to put together this list.

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Top 10 Jurassic Park Franchise Moments with @JurassicCollect

Following on from our successful Top 10 Lords of the Rings scenes with @LifeAtBagEnd we’re going Jurassic with @JurassicCollect


In our second collaborative article for the website we’re taking a look back on the Jurassic franchise with @JurassicCollect and have painstakingly put together our collective Top 10 moments from the entire series, before the pending arrival of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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Top 10 Lord of the Rings Moments with @LifeAtBagEnd

It was tough, but for the site’s first collaborative article we worked with @LifeAtBagEnd to come up with our Top 10 moments from the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy!


Who knew that it could be so difficult narrowing down one of the best trilogy’s in film history into its Top 10 best scenes? It was something that @LifeAtBagEnd and I found out the hard way as we worked together over the past few days to put together our list.

Before getting into the Top 10, I want to highlight some honorable mentions which just didn’t quite make the cut. If we ever go back and do a Top 20, or Top 10 specific to each movie then you’ll be sure to see the following making it in there.

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