5 Star Wars Novels We Want To See

We’re going through something of a lull in regards to Star Wars novels being on the horizon, so to fill the void here are 5 novels set in the Star Wars universe that we want to see in the not too distant future


Number 5: Ahsoka Sequel

We’ve already had one novel focusing on Dave Filoni’s star creation, but it’s safe to say that E.K Johnston didn’t hit the heights with that novel that many people had hoped he would. It was a solid entry into the Star Wars collection, but it was nothing special.

With the character of Ahsoka being so beloved by fans and with Star Wars Rebels now opening up a 4 year time frame in which the character is hiding somewhere in the Galaxy, waiting for her chance to come back into the fold, a novel would be the perfect way to bridge that gap.

Number 4: Luke Skywalker

I imagine that a Luke Skywalker novel set between the events of The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens would be on any Star Wars fans’ list of most wanted novels. The time frame has yet to be explored in any serious detail, and whilst that may be expanded on in whatever the next animated and live actions series cover I doubt the stories of Luke Skywalker will be touched on much, if at all.

Not only would Luke’s adventures for Jedi artifacts make for an enjoyable base story for  a novel, but the involvement of Ben Solo would also allow for their relationship to be given some much needed expansion.

Number 3: Padmé Amidala

A young adult novel about the young Queen of Naboo has been rumoured for a while now, but we’ve never received anything official in regards to a release date.

Exploring the politics, people and creatures of Naboo would certainly be something that would excite many fans, particularly those who grew up around the prequel movies. What’s more is that the novel Lost Stars has already proven that when done right young adult novels in the Star Wars universe can be smash hits. Get Claudia Grey in to write this novel and give it to us asap.

Number 2: Snoke’s Origin

At this stage this story feels like one that is born out of necessity rather than want. This entry is a slight cheat as the story or unveiling of Snoke’s past could quite easily be slotted into either the Luke Skywalker novel or indeed our final entry on this list. But regardless of where it comes, fan anticipation needs to be quenched and Snoke needs to reappear in Star Wars canon.

It’s obvious now that Snoke won’t come back to life in Episode 9 and whilst that will no doubt disappoint many fans, the large majority who poured through the internet looking for clues about who Snoke is and where he might have come from in the lead up to The Last Jedi, will no doubt be satisfied.

Number 1: Rae Sloane

The woman who arguably prevented the Empire from falling apart long before the Battle of Jakku and the only character who we have seen grow from child to adult throughout multiple mediums of Star Wars canon. Yet somehow the woman who could have become Empress, the Imperial Grand Admiral, Rae Sloane, still hasn’t had her own novel.

Much like Ahsoka, Sloane is one of those extended canon characters that the fan base has grown to love and have emotionally invested themselves in. A continuation of her story after the Battle of Jakku would not only give us some much needed insight into the creation of the First Order, but it would also give us the desired conclusion to her story.


Top 10 The Hobbit Trilogy Moments with @LifeAtBagEnd

A few weeks ago myself and @LifeAtBagEnd put together a list of our top ten favourite moments from The Lords of the Rings trilogy, well we’re back and this time looking at the smaller tale from Middle Earth

I’ll admit that overall I’m not a massive fan of The Hobbit trilogy. I really enjoy the first film, but I think that the second and third films really suffer from studio interference and that had Peter Jackson been left to his own devices and been allowed to maintain the 2 film structure he wanted originally, that we would have seen a much better product. With that being said, I do think there are plenty of really strong moments throughout the trilogy, and with @LifeAtBagEnd loving the trilogy it was a no brainier that we wanted to put together this list.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Barrels down the river
  • The Dwarves arrive at Rivendell
  • The Dwarves are introduced to Beorn
  • The funeral scene
  • The Dwarves seeing the Lonely Mountain for the first time

So on with the list!

Number 10: The White Council meeting, An Unexpected Journey

The relationships between characters on The White Council are only lightly touched upon in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, so to have that further explored in the The Hobbit trilogy was really something delightful to watch unfurl on screen. The steel musical undertones of Isengard as Saruman speaks adds a level of foreshadowing and foreboding, whilst the playful nature of Gandalf and Galadriel’s relationship is endearing and adds depth to the reveal in The Fellowship of the Ring that Gandalf has fallen to the Balrog.

Number 9: Bard vs. Smaug, Battle of the Five Armies

One man and his son vs. The last Dragon in Middle Earth.

It’s a truly epic way to kickoff The Battle of the Five Armies and it just makes you wonder whether it would have been even better if it had been the climax to The Desolation of Smaug instead. Either way, the action is incredibly well put together and despite the fact that Bard should have died easily in this fight, the dialogue by Smaug is, as always, top notch and his egotistical nature makes the prolonged fight and eventual defeat more believable.

The added emotion of having Bard’s son arrive late into the battle adds an extra dimension to it and the personal stakes (aside from the complete destruction of Laketown) for Bard to fight for.

Number 8: Thorin fighting Dragon Sickness, Battle of the Fives Armies

One of the redeeming qualities of The Hobbit trilogy is that whilst a number of the Dwarves receive no character building whatsoever, the ones who do receive a good amount that helps you grow to love them as characters. One of these is Thorin who effectively takes on the role equivalent to Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring.

His fight against Dragon Sickness is what defines his character in the third and final instalment in the franchise. Fighting his inner demons during the prelude to war and what that means for his character in the long term and the characters around him is a joy to watch. It impacts his relationship not only with Bilbo, but with the other Dwarves in his company and brings him to the teetering edge of becoming a full-fledged villain.

Number 7: The Prologue, An Unexpected Journey

Following in the vein of The Fellowship of the Ring, An Unexpected Journey opens with a prologue that provides backstory and action set pieces to establish where we find our characters going into the movie. Unsurprisingly it is this prologue that for me feels the most like the previous Lord of the Rings movies, and for that it’s one of my personal favourite scenes in the entire trilogy. @LifeAtBagEnd didn’t exactly agree on the placement of this scene and as such it finds itself at the slightly higher position of No. 7.

In my personal opinion the scene works well for what is required of it, establishing the motives of Thorin, the dangers of Smaug, the betrayal of Thranduil and the plight of the people of Dale. A worthy entry into the top ten and the closest thing to the Lord of the Rings that The Hobbit trilogy has to offer.

Number 6: The White Council vs. The Nine

Would this scene have worked so well if the Ringwraiths hadn’t been established as such formidable villains in the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Maybe not. But they were and this scene benefits as a result.

Finally seeing the likes of Elrond and Saruman in such fast paced action is also a must see moment for any Middle Earth fan who had been around since the first film, wanting more from the Elrond who we saw teased in the Fellowship prologue.

Every character shines in this scene, and for all different reasons. The scheming of Saruman, the badass action from Elrond, the emotion from Gandalf and the dominance from Galadriel whilst facing off against Sauron is the stuff that Middle Earth dreams are made of.

Number 5: Smaug wakes up, An Unexpected Journey

Despite only seeing short glimpses of him throughout the whole film, An Unexpected Journey does an amazing job of setting up the deadly character of Smaug. Nothing emphasises this more than the final shot of the film, as we pan through into the depths of the Lonely Mountain and beneath a mountain of gold we see movement. We’re then given the briefest of teases of this humongous dragon laying dormant beneath the gold, with just the Dragon’s eye gazing out at the audience, a true threat for our approaching protagonists and a fitting hook to bring you back for the next film.

Number 4: “I’m going on an adventure”, An Unexpected Journey

A big transition from the previous entry in our list, which emphasised fear, threat and foreboding, to a moment that instead focuses on the innocence of The Hobbit trilogy.

Bilbo’s realisation that he wants to venture beyond the boundaries of the Shire, despite knowing the risks involved, is the start of a character journey that really lasts throughout all six films in Middle Earth. These are the first steps of the young Hobbit who will one day leave the Shire behind for good to make the ultimate journey across the sea and into the Undying Lands, quite the journey for someone who fainted after hearing the dangers a Dragon can pose.

Number 3: Riddles in the dark, An Unexpected Journey

You all knew this scene would be in here right?

Gollum’s final appearance in the Middle Earth films, and whilst it might not reach the giddy heights that some of the characters appearances in The Lord of the Rings trilogy did, it still holds up as great character work. Featuring genuinely funny lines and some great delivery from both Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis, the two characters and actors work really well together to deliver what is a tense and comedic moment that sets in motion the rest of the franchise.

And who didn’t find themselves playing along with the riddles?

Number 2: The line of Durin charge into battle, The Battle of the Five Armies

Nothing was more satisfying that watching Thorin overcome his Dragon Sickness and charge into battle at the head of a Dwarves army, the likes of which we hadn’t seen on screen before.

With Fili and Kili at his side and their comrades at their back, the charge of Durin’s line is both emotional and epic. Whilst I figure that the Battle of the Five Armies itself could have been done better, everything that is done with the line of Durin throughout the battle is top quality.

From this moment onwards Thorin, Fili and Kili’s struggles keep the audience hooked until their final battles against Azog and his minions.

Number 1: Thorin vs. Azog, An Unexpected Journey

From the moment that Thorin rises to his feet in defence of not only his Dwarves brethren, but his honour and family line, this scene steals your attention and grips you at every turn.

The Dwarves have no where left to go (Let’s ignore the Eagles for now please) and Thorin sees this might be his last chance to slay Azog, so he charges his foe and the battle begins. With the fire surrounding the event and Bilbo stepping up bravely to defend the Dwarf who had chastised him so often throughout their journey this scene stands out as the most epic across the whole trilogy.

For me personally this is the scene that best shows off Peter Jackson’s directing in The Hobbit trilogy, the scene where his own touches feel as though they really shine through. Thorin holds a gravitas that only characters under Peter Jackson’s careful watch can achieve and it’s in this moment that Thorin stakes his claim as one of the most badass characters in all six Middle Earth films.

So there’s our list! The Hobbit trilogy may be divisive, but it certainly has amazing moments that stand out as some of the best and most memorable in any of the six films set in Middle Earth.

Make sure you follow @LifeAtBagEnd for great LOTR and Hobbit content, and keep coming back here to keep track of the latest movie, gaming and wrestling news and opinions.





Top 10 Jurassic Park Franchise Moments with @JurassicCollect

Following on from our successful Top 10 Lords of the Rings scenes with @LifeAtBagEnd we’re going Jurassic with @JurassicCollect


In our second collaborative article for the website we’re taking a look back on the Jurassic franchise with @JurassicCollect and have painstakingly put together our collective Top 10 moments from the entire series, before the pending arrival of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Whilst certain films in the franchise feature more heavily than others in this list, it’s pretty easy to say that the franchise as a whole holds a very special place in our hearts and there were plenty of scenes we banded around which we just didn’t have enough room to squeeze in.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ellie Satler and John Hammond conversation in the restaurant
  • Grant, Satler, Lex and Tim escape through the vents
  • The Hunters are chased by two T-Rex
  • Ian Malcolm fends off a Raptor in the worker village

So let’s kick things off with…

Number 10: The Gallimimus stampede, Jurassic Park


Not everything has to be a big action set-piece and grandiose in the Jurassic franchise, and this scene sums that up perfectly. Beginning with a brilliant piece of character development for all three of Grant, Lex and Tim, before transitioning into a pulse pounding “chase” sequence, that displayed groundbreaking CGI for the time, and ending on the devastating arrival of the T-Rex.

Although by this point in the movie their characters have already been well developed, the chance to see Grant, Lex and Tim observing the animals from afar, and with each having a very unique view on what they were witnessing was incredibly well done to further establish who they are as people. Lex, the child who doesn’t really care for dinosaurs and is more scared than the other two; Grant, the ageing paleontologist who sees patterns of movement, rather than just the animals themselves and Tim, the young boy who is trying to impress Grant, but is ultimately controlled by his childish instinct to witness gore.

Number 9: The Pteranodon head turn, Jurassic Park 3


Whilst Jurassic Park 3 is arguably the least appreciated of the currently released four films, it still has good moments that often go overlooked. This is one of those scenes.

The entire sequence inside the giant bird cage is worthy of note, but it is the final moments of that sequence that offer up one of the best shots in the entire franchise. As Billy is floating downstream, a flock of angry Pteranodon’s pecking at him furiously, the camera slowly pans as another Pteranodon comes into frame and maliciously turns to face the camera directly, in movie looking straight at our protagonists.

Everything about this scene works incredibly well, from the music to the camera work and the facial reactions of Alan Grant and Mr. Kirby when they spot the Pteranodon looking right at them. A very underrated moment.

Number 8: Masrani/Claire at the Indominous Rex paddock, Jurassic World


It would be quite the understatement to say that Jurassic World was divisive. Much like recent reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi the thoughts and opinions of JW ranged from loving the film, to thinking it was the worst in the franchise, and whilst many of the arguments about the film not “feeling” like a Jurassic Park film ring true, the film (In my opinion) still had many good moments.

But, this wasn’t just my Top 10 list, it was also @JurassicCollect’s and they have very different opinions to me when it comes to JW. So we found compromise in this particular scene. It’s the only scene from JW to feature in our Top 10, and unsurprisingly it is probably the scene that feels most like the Jurassic Park films of old.

Featuring a bewildered (and evidently scared) Masrani (Irrfan Khan), and a steadfast and confident Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) as they look into the paddock of the Indominous Rex as it watches them from the undergrowth. The scene was simple, but it quickly established the terrifying nature of the Indominous and the threat it could cause to those around it.

Credit to Irrfan Khan’s facial expressions in this scene also. His character comes across as very “real” here and that is a hard thing to do at times when you’re in the middle of a big monster movie.

Number 7: The trailers are pushed over the cliff, The Lost World: Jurassic Park


Our first big action set-piece of the list. The Lost World: Jurassic Park is massively underrated among Jurassic fans and this is one of those scenes that should receive more recognition that it already does (Although not the best scene from TLW – More on that later).

Beginning with the quiet and tense moments of the two T-Rex stalking the trailers, searching for their child in a display of great parenting (A point that the film tries to get across over the course of the whole movie). Before transitioning into the bombastic nature of the T-Rex attacking the vehicles and pushing them over the edge of the cliff and finally ending with possibly the most suspenseful moment of any Jurassic film, with Sarah precariously positioned on a pane of breaking glass, hundreds of feet above the crash of waves below.

Throw in the fact that this scene also includes the sorrowful death of Eddie Carr (Richard Schiff), who is massively under-appreciated as a character, and you have yourself a really great scene that should be worthy of anyone’s top ten.

Number 6: First sighting of Isla Nublar, Jurassic Park


Not the most newsworthy of scenes in the franchise, but certainly one of the more meaningful. The first time we lay our eyes on Isla Nublar in Jurassic Park is one of mystery and magic. When audiences were watching this film during its first theatrical release I don’t suppose that many, if any, would realise the significance that this island would have on the future of cinema.

Accompanied by some more great character work, this time between Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), and some outstanding music beats by John Williams and you have yourself an amazing introduction to the island.

Number 5: Farewell Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park

maxresdefault (1)

Swiftly transitioning from our arrival on Isla Nublar to our exit. The ending sequence of Jurassic Park is outstanding on a number of levels. You could argue that this entire sequence begins all the way back in the vents, but for our purposes we’ll conclude that the final “scene” begins with the T-Rex fighting the Raptors and our protagonists escaping to the helicopter.

The fight between Rexy and the remaining Raptors is worthy enough to make it into the Top ten, but the added final moments of the film, with our characters finally escaping the dangers of the island and sharing a peaceful moment together on the helicopter as two pelicans fly nearby creates an incredibly memorable and moving moment.

Alan Grant’s (Sam Neill) character arc comes full circle as he holds the two children in his arms (We’ll ignore the fact that it’s basically undone by the third movie) and for a film that is built around the grandiose nature of dinosaurs, having it end with two pelicans is particularly fitting. A great piece of directing from one of the greatest directors of all time, Steven Spielberg.

Number 4: “Don’t go into the long grass!”, The Lost World: Jurassic Park


For my money the hunters becoming the hunted in The Lost World is the most terrifying of any Jurassic film to date (I have a feeling that Fallen Kingdom may have something to say about that). The eerie warning from Ajay Sidhu (Harvey Jason) as the hunters rush in without thought or caution, followed by the slow stalking by the velociraptors is incredibly well filmed and acted.

Say what you want about how the velociraptors are being portrayed in the latest movies, but for me this was them at their scariest. They may not have a massive role in The Lost World, but their impact is felt almost immediately and they continue to terrorize the protagonists until their escape from the island. And who can forget that shot overlooking the long grass as they creep closer to their pray? Masterful directing.

Number 3: T-Rex escape, Jurassic Park


We’re getting into the big time now and the T-Rex escape in my opinion still stands as the best use of CGI throughout the entire franchise. The sublime wide shots of Rexy escaping are second to none, and when you take into account how well these shots are combined with the use of the best animatronic the series has to offer you can begin to see why it had such a lasting impact.

The acting from Lex and Tim (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello) is at its best in this scene as they show sheer terror during the Rex attack (Aided by the animatronic accidentally breaking the plexiglass), and the parental instincts of both Malcolm and Grant kicking in are great to watch.

Here’s to you Rexy, thanks for the great memories.

Number 2: Raptors in the kitchen, Jurassic Park


Imagine being a child stalked by a carnivorous animal, now imagine being in an enclosed space and that animal being a pair of freaking velociraptors. Lex and Tim being stalked through the kitchen by the raptors is Spielberg mastery at work.

The sense of dread and fear emanating from the children is palpable and passes to every audience member watching the film, whether it be at the cinema or the safety of your own home. There’s nothing quite like crawling along the cold floor of a kitchen with a deadly creature tapping its giant clawed on the floor nearby, searching for you with every sniff of the air.

The threat of the raptors is built incredibly well throughout the movie and it’s in this scene that we really see the payoff. From the working out how to open doors, to their shiver inducing scream as they finally set their sights on Lex and Tim and finally to the remaining Raptor watching on with a harrowing intelligence as the two children finally manage to escape the room.

Terrifying, but beautiful at the same time.

Number 1: Do you remember seeing your first dinosaur? Jurassic Park


The rest of the Top 10 list may have been a bit of a struggle to fight over what belonged and in what position, but I think the No. 1 spot was always pretty much guaranteed.

The first time you see a Dinosaur is one you never forget and Spielberg did an amazing job of making sure that was the case here. In my own opinion this scene ranks as my favourite ever scene from film and television history, so it’s no surprise to see it topping out this list.

For the time the CGI was outstanding, far surpassing anything that came before, and whilst it has become shakey over time, it still more than holds its own. Spielberg said in an interview that what he wanted to accomplish with this scene was to create the feeling that when Dr Grant says “It’s…it’s a dinosaur” you as an audience member actually feel like you are watching a live dinosaur. Mission accomplished.

The scene is then topped off by a beautiful shot of dinosaurs down by the lake, only intensified by the brilliant acting of Sam Neill and Laura Dern, and the now famous line delivered by John Hammond…

“Dr. Grant… my dear Dr. Satler… welcome, to Jurassic Park”


And there we have it! The Top 10 Scenes in the Jurassic franchise as chosen by myself and @JurassicCollect. Be sure to let us know what you thought of our list and follow us on the social medias!

Until next time Jurassic fans.

Top 10 Lord of the Rings Moments with @LifeAtBagEnd

It was tough, but for the site’s first collaborative article we worked with @LifeAtBagEnd to come up with our Top 10 moments from the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy!


Who knew that it could be so difficult narrowing down one of the best trilogy’s in film history into its Top 10 best scenes? It was something that @LifeAtBagEnd and I found out the hard way as we worked together over the past few days to put together our list.

Before getting into the Top 10, I want to highlight some honorable mentions which just didn’t quite make the cut. If we ever go back and do a Top 20, or Top 10 specific to each movie then you’ll be sure to see the following making it in there.

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Ringwraiths chase Arwen
  • Gollum falls into Mt. Doom and the One Ring is destroyed
  • Sam fights Shelob to save Frodo
  • “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you”
  • Gandalf explains Valinor to Pippin during the siege of Minas Tirith

The quality of the scenes that missed out is quite scary and says a lot about the scenes that did make it into the Top 10. But given the overall quality of the series it shouldn’t be surprising that there was such a plethora of great moments and scenes from which to choose.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Scenes from the Lords of the Rings trilogy as chosen by @WeAreNiche and @LifeAtBagEnd…

Number 10: Weathertop, The Fellowship of the Ring


A personal favourite of @LifeAtBagEnd, the skirmish on top of Weathertop was a standout of the first film. Keeping in tone with the first 3rd of Fellowship of the Ring the scene was one of dread and helplessness.

From the opening comedic shots of the Hobbits around the fireplace, quickly transitioning into the shrill scream of a Ringwraith out in the distance and finally the fast paced action as we see for the first time what Aragorn is capable of as he battles 5 wraiths alone.

The scene blends together perfectly and Peter Jackson’s direction is of top quality here.

Number 9: Boromir’s Death, Fellowship of the Ring


Another worthy highlight from the first film in the trilogy.

The Captain of Gondor; the man who’s character arc dominates the last two thirds of the Fellowship of the Ring. From the moment he stands and says his piece during the Council of Elrond, with the gentle tones of Gondor’s theme playing in the background, to his passing in the final throws of the movie, Boromir’s journey is about protecting his people at whatever the cost.

Ultimately, whilst it seems as though he about to fully fall to the corruption and power of the One Ring, Boromir holds true to his principles and his love for his people by protecting Merry and Pippin with his life. Before then metaphorically passing on the torch of Gondor to the rightful heir, Aragorn.

A touching and beautiful moment that serves as a perfect conclusion to the fast paced and violent action that precedes it.

Number 8: Ride out and meet them, The Two Towers


It’s an easy argument to make that the entirety of the Battle of Helms Deep could make anyone’s Top 10 list. But with us wanting to keep this list limited to specific scenes, we decided on the final moments of the battle.

In perfectly balanced on-screen tension, our protagonists are cornered, the battle has been lost and everything appears to be a door-width away from failure. But then, for each their own reasons, the remaining men guarding Helms Deep, decide to ride out and meet the enemy head on. To buy the women and children time to escape and to die in a blaze of glory.

This would be a fitting end for any hero. But Gandalf had other plans, as Aragorn had predicted as he recalled his last words to him before he departed. Flanked by Eomer and his Rohirrim, Gandalf charges the lines of Uruk-Hai in a dazzle of light and before long the greatest on-screen battle has been won.

Number 7: Aragorn’s Crowning, Return of the King

maxresdefault (2)

Many consider the Lord of the Rings trilogy to be split into two core story paths. The first follows Frodo and Sam on their journey to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. The second, and the grander in scale of the two, is the rest of the Fellowship fighting to save each other and Middle Earth. This scene is the culmination of that second arc.

At long last the heir of Gondor has been found, he (Alongside others) have won the war against Mordor and an Age of peace has begun. Aragorn takes his place as the King of Gondor, he finds that he still has Arwen by his side and to the backdrop of a heartwarming song by Viggo Mortensen the scene ends as the King bows to the most unlikely of creatures… the Hobbits.

It is equal parts moving as it is poignant.

Now come the days of the kingMay they be blessed”

Number 6: Frodo’s Goodbye, Return of the King


Turns out that @LifeAtBagEnd and I are suckers for an emotional moment. Our sixth best scene in our list comes directly after our seventh, and it’s Frodo’s goodbye to Sam, Merry and Pippin on the shores of the Grey Havens.

Think what you will about the 3 faux-endings to the Return of the King, but you can’t deny that it earns them. For me personally, this scene is the most gratifying of all the arguable “endings” that Return of the King has. Frodo accepting that he has outgrown the Shire, and in fact all of Middle Earth is crucial character moment for him that truly brings his arc full circle. From the young Hobbit who enjoyed the life that the Shire had to offer, but longed for more, to the person he becomes at the end of the trilogy is how a character arc should be done.

Not to mention the emotional weight that is placed on this scene. All the actors play their role perfectly, and seeing Frodo and Bilbo set sail into the great unknown is a tear-jerking scene no matter how boldly you fight off the tears.

Number 5: Charge of the Rohirrim, The Return of the King

maxresdefault (3)

Echoing a scene from earlier in our list, the charge of the Rohirrim at the battle of Minas Tirith is a perfect blend of character development, outstanding directing, beautiful music and the significant importance of the moment.

The charge itself, as the army of Rohan rushes to the aid of Gondor is crucial to both the story and Middle Earth as a whole. Lose the battle here and the armies of Mordor would have free reign over much of the lands of Men, Dwarves and Elves alike. Win, however, and Sauron’s armies would be dealt a significant defeat. Despite this, it is the characters involved who turn this scene from a good one, to a great one.

Eowyn finally achieving her goal of being able to fight, not for glory but to protect those she cares about. Merry, fighting for his friends, for the Shire and most importantly for Pippin who he knows is trapped at Minas Tirith. And Theoden, the bitter King who has put aside his differences with Gondor to come to their aid when they needed it most.

It’s the perfect combination of storytelling and action set piece.

Number 4: The lighting of the Beacons, The Return of the King

maxresdefault (4)

Perhaps the most visually beautiful of all the scenes in this list.

No characters needed, no dialogue, this is simply outstanding cinematography. It’s a testament to Peter Jackson’s direction across the entire trilogy that a scene which is entirely music and visuals can make it so high into the Top 10 list.

If you wanted to you can add on the conclusion of Aragorn bringing the message to Theoden at the end of this scene also, then you can push this scene even higher. But for our purpose we’re going to focus on the beauty of the SOS being sent from the high walls of Minas Tirith through the mountains all the way to Theoden’s halls in Rohan.


Number 3: Sam’s Speech, The Two Towers


The climax of The Two Towers presents a moment of crisis for all our heroes. For Sam and Frodo this climax doesn’t come in the shape of a large scale battle that they must overcome (Although they are around one), it instead comes from the question of “Why are we doing this?”.

As Frodo is lured ever closer to the dark power of the Ring, as the armies of Mordor close in around Gondor and as the corruption of men rests on a pivot, Sam delivers his most impactful moment of the series. A powerful speech to Frodo that explains why they’re fighting, why they’re carrying on to Mordor and what it means for them as people.

It’s wonderfully cut together over the final moments of the battle at Helms Deep, and the reactions of characters around Sam show off some of Peter Jackson’s best work as a director.

“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.

Number 2: “I am no man”, The Return of the King


Earlier on we mentioned both character arcs and more specifically Eowyn’s goal of being able to fight for those she cares about. This is the culmination of that arc and it’s amazing.

Finally standing up on her own and facing off against the most threatening antagonist on the battlefield, Eowyn shows that she is more than worthy of her place among her men. Before removing her helmet, declaring that she is no man and plunging her sword into the face of that which no man can kill.

It’s a powerful moment than is as important in today’s society as it was at the time it was written, and will likely be important for many years to come.

Well done Eowyn, you kicked ass.

Number 1: “You cannot pass”, The Fellowship of the Ring

1373893555_You shall not pass 2

It had to be this didn’t it?

The epic climax (HOW DOES THIS ONLY TAKE PLACE 2/3 OF THE WAY THROUGH FELLOWSHIP?!) to Gandalf’s story in The Fellowship of the Ring. Facing down with a demon from a forgotten time, Gandalf holds the line across the Bridge of Khazad Dum whilst the rest of the Fellowship make for the escape.

It’s possibly the most mimicked and talked about scene among the general public from the entire trilogy. It’s a scene that encapsulates the “epic” nature of Lord of the Rings perfectly, but more than that it actually offers up an element of surprise and emotion.

If you go into watching Lord of the Rings blind, without having read the books first (As I did as a young child), then Gandalf being dragged down off the Bridge by the Balrog is perhaps the most surprising thing you will witness on a film screen (Okay maybe not but my point still stands).

As Gandalf offers his final warning of “Fly you fools” before being ripped from the Bridge and as the beautiful score by Howard Shore swells in the background, you realise that the film has managed to punch you in the gut and pull the rug out from under you at the same time. Watching the Fellowship react as they lose their leader and their friend is heartbreaking, but seeing Aragorn, Boromir and Legolas step up to protect the more vulnerable Hobbits is as equally heartwarming.

It’s the perfect scene to top of an incredibly impressive Top 10 scenes from Lord of the Rings.


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