Game review: Jurassic World Evolution

It’s not quite 65 million years in the making, but to gamers the 15 year wait between Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and Frontier Development’s Jurassic World Evolution may as well have felt that long.


Let’s kick things off with the big hitters. This game is not the game that we hoped it would be, it’s flawed and at times frustrating. But when it hits its stride it hits it wonderfully and it sucks you into the world like few games can. Over the course of my first two full days with the game I had sunk over 16 hours into the title, and as somewhat of a casual gamer that is quite the achievement for me. Particularly when I didn’t feel as though any of those hours were wasted.

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Game Review: Monster Hunter World

Finally the Japanese pop culture phenomena reaches the lofty heights of AAA status.


As of writing this article (Our first full game review for the website) I currently stand at having put in roughly 6 hours of gameplay into Monster Hunter: World, for some games that would be the campaign done and a few custom items in multiplayer unlocked. But not Monster Hunter: World. Over the 6 hours I have barely scratched the surface of what the game has to offer in its entirety, and in all honesty I think that after 40 hours of gameplay I wouldn’t be in much of a better position.

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