Justice League becomes DC’s biggest flop

Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. Not even the combined might of the Justice League could save DC from hitting a wall.


Justice League has officially wrapped its domestic run in cinemas, limping to the finish-line with a comparatively meager $229m in the domestic market and $428.9m overseas. For a film that had a budget of roughly $300m, and in an era where the  first Marvel crossover, The Avengers reached $1.518bn worldwide the box office for Justice League has to be considered a massive flop.

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Kristen Wiig Confirmed As Wonder Woman 2 Villain

After much speculation over the past few weeks Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has confirmed the villain for her sequel.


Confirmed via the director’s Twitter account, Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters) will take on the role of DC villain Cheetah in the upcoming Wonder Woman 2.

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