WWE Backlash Predictions

The Greatest Royal Rumble has absolutely ruined the build up for this PPV, and that’s a damn shame given what it could have been.


It’s the first PPV of WWE’s new co-branded era, or at least that’s what that god awful music video keeps telling me on a seemingly daily basis. Seriously, who’s idea was that? Because they seriously need to reconsider their line of work.

If you haven’t seen it already then please, grab some popcorn and enjoy the below video, because it’s pure comedy gold but for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway, with that monstrosity behind us let’s get on with some predictions.

Pre-Show Match: US Championship
Singles Match: Jeff Hardy (C) vs. Randy Orton
It’s amazing what a few weeks can do for a division. A Hardy and Orton feud is infinitely more interesting than the Roode/Mahal/Orton feud we had to suffer through for weeks prior to Wrestlemania. With that being said, this feud doesn’t have enough build to be anything other than pre-show fodder, but good pre-show fodder. It’s too early to take the title off Hardy, unless they want to go for an Orton heel turn.
Prediction: Jeff Hardy

Match 1: Smackdown Women’s Championship
Singles Match: Carmella (C) vs. Charlotte Flair
Surprisingly the women’s division on Smackdown has been a breath of fresh air since the arrival of the Iconic Duo and Carmella’s cash in. After having a division built around Natalya and Charlotte Flair for so long, Carmella as champion is offering something completely different and with the Iconic Duo being thrown into the mix I’m really interested to see where they can take it. The one thing I’m worried about is that they’ll put Asuka in a losing streak, which if it turns her heel could be a good thing, but otherwise it’s a dangerous road to take for one of the WWE’s best female attractions.
Prediction: Carmella

Match 2: Raw Women’s Championship
Singles match: Nia Jax (C) vs. Alexa Bliss
I don’t think there’s much to this match, the build up with Alexa’s “Moments of Bliss” PSA’s have been good, but the contractual rematch has dragged on a feud that should have ended at Wrestlemania. Hopefully it’s pretty quick and really there should only be one viable winner.
Prediction: Nia Jax

Match 3: Tag Team Match
Tag Team match: Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
20180430_BackLash_Braun_Bobby_KO_Sami--8ada15f586bdf9225dbd08a3054132f3I have a few things to say about this. Firstly, it’s hilarious how Braun’s new GRR Championship has just been photoshopped onto his shoulder, because let’s face it, we’re not seeing that title in person for another year. Secondly, why is this match happening again, let alone on a PPV? And thirdly, I’m concerned that should Kami lose, then they’ve been squashed pretty bad since arriving on Raw. With that being said, I think there’s one clear answer to those questions – That this match is leading towards a Bobby Lashley heel turn, costing Braun the match. Lashley has done nothing since coming back, he’s not said a word on Raw and he’s very quickly just become another body. WWE need to remedy that, so a heel turn and a name change to just Lashley doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. He could then feud with Braun and that seems like a decent feud to me.
Prediction: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Match 4: Daniel Bryan’s PPV Singles Match return
Singles Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass
Logic would dictate that Bryan goes over in this match, but this is the WWE we’re talking about and Vince is well known for having an affinity for big guys; enter Big Cass to ruin the party. Whilst I don’t think he will go over clean, there are definitely signs there that Cass could walk out the victor here. Even if he doesn’t and my prediction is wrong, then I fully expect Cass to beat up Bryan after the match to ensure their feud carries on and that Cass doesn’t lose too much heat.
Prediction: Big Cass

Match 5: Intercontinental Championship Match
Singles match: Seth Rollins (C) vs. The Miz
Again it’s the culmination of a feud that should have finished at Wrestlemania. It’s good to see The Miz in the IC title picture one last time, but with no US title match currently announced he has roughly a 0% chance of winning the belt and taking it with him to Smackdown. Hopefully from here Seth can go on to have some real work-horse one on one feuds on Raw with the likes of Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns. Which probably means he’ll be feuding with Jinder Mahal within a week.
Prediction: Seth Rollins

Match 6: Singles Match
Singles Match: Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe
I really don’t understand why this match is happening. I don’t understand how the feud started and I don’t understand what they’re fighting over. It just reeks of the WWE changing their minds back and forth about who was going to be swapping brands and who was going to be Universal Champion by this point. As Roman is on somewhat of a losing streak they may as well go all the way with it and give Joe a big win to take him across to Smackdown where he can beat up Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton for the US title, before moving on to the winner of the Nakamura/Styles feud.
Prediction: Samoa Joe

Match 7: WWE Championship
Singles Match: AJ Styles (C) vs. Nakamura
This feud has been crying out for a No DQ stip, so I’m pleased that we were given just that with Paige’s announcement on Smackdown Live. With that being said I don’t think the stip will make any difference to the outcome. Either Nakamura wins here or they run the risk of killing him off for good. Another loss and his heel character will have failed in the exact same way as his face persona. Nakamura has to win the title here, it’s simple. It would also mean that the show has at least one title change if my predictions are right, and given the house show feel that the Greatest Royal Rumble suffered from it’s about time we saw a title change.
Prediction: Nakamura

So there we have it, my predictions for the second PPV in the space of just over a week. Let’s hope that it proves to be a better show than the Greatest Royal Rumble was. If I had any overall thoughts on this show it’s that the card looks like it could be really strong in terms of wrestling quality. The build itself may have been non-existent, but I fully expect this show to deliver on the night.

What are your predictions for the show? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @WeAreNiche.

5 Predictions For The Next WWE Season

WWE is like a TV series in more ways than one, beyond the standard weekly format WWE also runs in what could be considered seasons. Every season starts on the Raw after Mania, with shake ups, debuts and returns abound and then it culminates at the next Wrestlemania. As such, let’s dive into what I think will happen before Wrestlemania 35 rolls around.


A year is a long time in the WWE and pretty much anything could happen… just ask that kid Nicholas who became a freakin’ Tag Team Champion at Wrestlemania.

So with that in mind, here are some bold predictions that I think will happen over the course of the next “season”.

Prediction 1: Samoa Joe will win a World Title
It doesn’t really matter which World Title he wins, as I think he’s viable to win either the WWE Championship or the Universal Championship at this stage, and it will likely come down to what brand he ends up on following the Superstar Shake Up. But mark my words, this is going to be a big year for the Samoan Submission Machine and he will at some point be the top guy in the company.

Prediction 2: Rusev will leave the company
It’s an unfortunate scenario regarding Rusev. He’s one of the most over acts in the business, but for whatever reason the WWE just can’t seem to bring themselves to support and push him. Rumours were abound that he asked for his release during the build up to Wrestlemania and that he was placed in the US title match as a payoff. But with him taking the fall in that match I can’t see anything significantly changing any time soon and he will likely make the decision to ply his trade elsewhere. 

Prediction 3: Neville will return to our TV screen
On a happier note, the return of Neville is something which a lot of fans are clamoring for. The rumours surrounding his current situation have been up and down more than a roller-coaster, with reports constantly switching between him leaving and coming back, but it seems to have been silent for too long at this point. If he was going to leave then I think he will have done already, and at this point I see him coming back in a big way.
PS – This could age really badly depending on what happens this week on TV.

Prediction 4: Roman Reigns will beat Brock Lesnar at the Greatest Royal Rumble
The whole mystery surrounding Brock Lesnar’s current deal with the WWE and his altercation with Vince McMahon after the Wrestlemania main event is probably the most intriguing story in wrestling at the moment. The crowning of Reigns seemed inevitable, and the subsequent victory of Lesnar indicates that he’s sticking around for a while longer. But who then do you have dethrone the Beast? Well, I say it’s still Reigns and that Vince sees big money in this Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. Give them a monumental moment with Roman finally toppling the baddest man on the planet and I’m sure Vince will be seeing dollar signs. Brock can then ride off into the sunset and potentially return for the rumoured one-off match with Lashley at Summerslam.

Prediction 5: A Women’s match will main event Wrestlemania 35
If Charlotte vs. Asuka and Ronda’s performance in the mixed tag match proved anything, it’s that the women can steal the show at Wrestlemania. You could quite easily argue that women made up 4/6 of the best two matches on the card this past Sunday. So come next year I expect to see the culmination of the women’s revolution, with Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey for one of the women’s championships main eventing Wrestlemania 35. And quite honestly, I can’t see any room for complaints. Go get em.

So there we have it, five predictions for what we could be in store for over the next year’s worth of WWE. Hopefully I can come back in a year’s time and brag about how right I was. Do you have any predictions? Do you have any thoughts on ours? If so fire away in the comments section or let us know @WeAreNiche.