Review: DragonBall Super

Episode 131 has come and gone and now the fourth DragonBall series has ended its TV run.

If you’ve been following my weekly Twitter reviews of each episode you’ll know that DragonBall Super has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs. It struggled to get out of the blocks due to the first two arcs being remakes of the movies which brought life back into the DragonBall franchise, Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F. But with that being said, even those first two initial arcs had moments that were strong.

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Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” prequel series is costing huge numbers

According to an exclusive report by Reuters the new Amazon Lord of the Rings prequel series could cost the company over $500m.


According to the report Amazon paid “$250 million for the rights alone” and that following marketing and production for two seasons could push the costs over the $500m mark.

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Star Wars In Animation

If you’re a fan of the expanded universe of the Star Wars canon, then you’re likely to be aware that this week we had to wipe away the tears as we big farewell to Star Wars Rebels. It would have been easy to write up a review of Star Wars Rebels, but I want to go deeper, to really appreciate Star Wars in animation and the incredible Universe that Dave Filoni has helped to craft.


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Review: Star Trek: Discovery Series 1

Star Trek Discovery, the most under-appreciated show on Netflix… in one nerd’s opinion anyway.


When it comes to “Netflix Originals” I tend to find that they go one of two ways, either they are extremely good televsion or film productions (Usually the former), or they exist somewhere between poor and downright awful. Fortunately I can say with sincere confidence that Star Trek: Discovery’s first season is one of the better shows that Netflix has to offer.

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